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This is where we can roleplay GeCe. Please keep this and all the other roleplays clean. This is set when they are sixteen, just like all the other roleplays. Other pairings are acceptable, but the main pairing has got to be GeCe, and please don't fight, thanks and God bless.

CeCe JonesEdit

CeCe is a funky, firey red head who loves to Dance. She hates school and can be dense sometimes but when she wants something she goes for it and pushes her best firend to do things she thinks will be fun.

Roleplayed by ApostolicPrincessinGod

Rocky BlueEdit

Rocky is the smart one of the duo. She is a goody two shoes and can be uptight. But, when she believes in something she goes for it. CeCe Jones is her best friend.

Roleplayed by GeCeTynkaReuce

Gunther HessenhefferEdit

Gunther is a foreign teen. He usually wears sparkly outfits that matches his twin's outfits. He is a dancer on Shake It Up Chicago and is the Frenemy of CeCe and Rocky

played by Kee-Lock

Tinka HessenhefferEdit

Tinka is the twin sister of Gunther Hessenheffer. She wears elaborate outfits and big bows. She is also a dancer on Shake It up Chicago and is the frenemy of CeCe and Rocky 

Played by Silly1!

Deuce MartinezEdit

Deuce is the friend of CeCe and Rocky. He is the best friend of Ty Blue.  He is a conman  and sells stuff.

Ty BlueEdit

Ty is the best friend of Deuce and the brother of Rocky.

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